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I have raised, shown and bred, German Shepherd Dogs, for over 45 years.

We have spent the last 20+ years developing our bloodlines to provide, beautiful, healthy, guaranteed babies that become, Family Pets and Protectors, PTSD dogs, Diabetic Detection Dogs, and Service Dogs.

Also a great many of our dogs are working with law enforcement officers, both professionally, and as their personal family dogs.

Why do we do, what we do?

We are frequently asked why you do not “only” sell your puppies to working and show homes to improve your kennel’s reputation.


Why do you only sell to regular families, when the dog almost certainly won’t be seen again?


When I think back fondly on the years and friends I had in the world of dog shows in the 1970s and 1980s, I often think about this.


We are indebted to the American Kennel Club and the dog lovers for ensuring the beauty and quality of all of our beloved pets for all time. 


for the enjoyment of future generations. 


But when I look at the pictures on our refrigerator door, these are the reasons we do what we do.


Our trophies, as well as our Best of Breeds and Best in Shows, are these images, along with the corresponding emails, letters, and phone calls. 


Why do we do what we do?


of the stunning female German Shepherd who was lying on a cancer patient’s death bed.


Carrying consistent solace and love to his last a very long time of life. and then, for years afterward, expressing his grief to his faithful widow.


The third-grader, who grew up with his very own “German baby,” follows suit. His enchanting constant companion and playmate is the link that connects all of his childhood memories.


Or the one-and-a-half-year-old “only child” who cherishes his German Shepherd female’s constant companionship, love, and security on a remote Texas ranch to relive fond childhood memories.


Or the Marine who leaves for the war in Iraq knowing that the large bi-black German German Shepherd male back in California is looking out for his wife and son.


or the elderly retiree who informs us that we did not tell him that his beautiful German baby would be a “Babe magnet” after taking her for walks in their nearby park.


or the soldier who, during the war, called Kurdistan on a three-second delay telephone to order a small female German Shepherd.


when asked why he was saving money for a puppy when he was supposed to be fighting a war over there. His answer was ” that the wide range of various folks here have young ladies hanging tight for them when they return home, so I needed a young lady sitting tight for me when I return home, as well.”


She was waiting for him in New Mexico, and now they live together in Florida’s warm sunshine.


or the firefighter who worked six months at a time in Alaska’s forests; that is aware that the enormous German Shepherd that he left with his young family at home safeguards them.


or the young cowboy on a Texas ranch who never gets on his horse without his German Shepherd’s constant companionship.


  That is attempting desperately to regain his herding instincts, which the majority of his breed have long since forgotten.


or the young Carolina military spouse who was anxiously awaiting her husband’s return from the war; with a squirming German Shepherd puppy in her arms as his welcome home present.


or the enormous male German Shepherd, who runs up and down the stairs throughout the day and night, playing with the children, and protecting the people who live in a “safe house,” which houses abused wives and children.


Or the innumerable retirees who grew up with Rin Tin Tin memories and now spend their later years living with, and frequently traveling in, their very own “German Rin Tin Tin.”


Or on the other hand the recently bereft youthful mother that has the solace of realizing that the assurance of her family and home is guaranteed by an German female German Shepherd.


or the numerous young families that are very active and are making their own memories for their children, who are growing up with their very own Fur babies.”


They provide unending hours of enjoyment, affection, and play. or the oilfield worker in the vast openness of the Southern New Mexico oilfields who is constantly accompanied by his enormous GSD.


Or the family that has a cabin on the lake and built a special dock so that their man can easily get back to shore after swimming and taking boat rides every day.


or the two male German Shepherds in Washington state who are responsible for keeping wild animals away from a 22-acre estate in the woods next to a river.


or the young female German Shepherd, whose day-to-day work as a member of the homeland security team ensures our safety.


 On a sadder note, there is also the gorgeous German Shepherd, one of the best cadaver dogs on a search team when disasters necessitate his assistance.


or the young German shepherd who accompanied her one-and-a-half-year-old pupil as she fled out the front door of her parents’ house in the wee hours of the morning.


 Then, hours later, they were found in a pasture across the road, still standing by the playing child.


Or the professional rodeo rider who travels the country and gets a good night’s sleep every night because her truck, trailer, horses, and pretty German Shepherd are all protected.


or the young adult who wanted to show her new male German Shepherd; and won the American bred class for the first time, placing first.


 or the young German female that her young mistress showed to a lot of wins and placements in their first shows.


or the single mom who just got divorced and now feels safe knowing that her beautiful German Shepherd will keep her and her kids safe.


or the numerous young professionals who, out of respect for “quality” in all aspects of their lives, have added an German puppy to their family.


or the young pre-veterinarian student who adores her German puppy because she recognizes the significance of selecting a healthy, high-quality puppy based on good health and genetics.


Or the single father who is attempting, with the assistance of an German infant, to rebuild his young son’s self-confidence after he was a victim of domestic violence. 


Or the couple in their mid-twenties who are attempting to “feather” their “empty nest” with a brand-new German infant for them to adore and appreciate.


or the woman who lasted a lifetime in the second grade. She and her owner, a second-grade teacher, attend school every day.


She enjoys going outside to play during recess, but her primary role is that of the “Reading Dog.”


As each of the children reads to her, her job is to lay down and listen intently.


or the young, stunning German Shepherd that was the bride’s engagement present in New York City.


or the gorgeous German German Shepherd male puppies in the Old Mexico mission fields, who are a missionary’s constant playmate and guard dog.


or the gorgeous big girl who was a close friend and running partner of a young Army wife while they waited for her husband’s return from the Iraq war.


or the wonderful young female German German Shepherd, whose responsibilities include playing with and protecting a 5-year-old single child.


or the gorgeous female German Shepherd, the welcome to recovery present;


 for a stunning young woman who had just completed a lengthy stay in the hospital and three major surgeries in a row.


Or the lovely German baby with sable hair in Oklahoma, who is attempting to console a devoted family that has lost their beloved K-9.


“Or the beautiful AplhaTex Shepherd, which is the diabetic detection dog for a beautiful; or the wonderful male shepherd puppy that arrived just before a four-year-old little girl’s birthday to share a lifetime of love and protection for her and her family.” formally housebound, girl.


or the young man who shows a man who just got divorced unconditional love during many of his lonely hours.


or the adorable German Shepherd that was given to two young children as a gift to help them cope with their mother’s illness as she battled cancer.


Or on the other hand the organization proprietor that rests soundly around evening time knowing his organization, office and gear are under the steady watch of not one however four German German Shepherds.


Or the police officer who goes home knowing that a massive Eastern European-bred German German Shepherd male is taking care of his wife and family.


or a soldier calling us on a Sunday morning from Baghdad, Iraq, to reserve a Christmas puppy for his children. However, he saved a child that would be prepared toward the finish of January, since he would be back in the states and needed to give it to them himself, and he did. 


or the numerous German Shepherds that serve as PTSD service dogs for numerous vets who have returned home.




Indeed, these are a couple of the reasons,


 “Why we do, What we do”.


These are our Best in Show awards, ribbons, and trophies.


“When we are blessed with pictures like these to enhance our lives almost daily, we have no need for dusty trophies in the attic.”

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